Sunday Lunch served:

 Sunday 12pm-4pm


Homemade Soup of the day                                                                               €4.95                                                                                                                                                                                        

Served with brown soda bread


Marinated Spiced Chicken wings                                                                   €6.95

Tossed in sweet chilli and coriander sauce


Golden fried brie                                                                                                   €6.95

Strawberry & raspberry compote, mixed leaves


Irish Smoked Salmon Salad                                                                              €7.95                                                                                    

Lemon and dill dressing, saffron aioli, red onion, tomato and scallion salad served with toasted brown soda bread



Roast Sirloin of Beef/Crown of Turkey                                              €12.95

Served with todays mixed fresh vegetables, mash potato and homemade roast gravy, herb stuffing, roast potatoes, potato croquettes


Honey roast loin of bacon                                                                           €12.95

Served with braised cabbage, mash potato, roast potatoes and parsley sauce


Pan roasted Irish supreme of chicken                                                    €12.95

With green beans, crispy bacon, creamy mushroom sauce, champ potato


Chargrilled 8oz irish beef burger                                                            €12.95

On a toasted brioche bun, smoked Irish cheddar, crispy bacon and cos lettuce.

Served with fries and homemade burger sauce


Baked Darne of Salmon                                                                                   €12.95

Served with chorizo and roast pepper ratatouille and creamy champ


Thai Vegetable Curry                                                                                       €11.95

Thai style curry with stir fried vegetables cooked in a coconut, coriander and lime sauce served with basmati rice

Add Chicken                                                                                                                              €2.00


Homemade irish stew                                                                                         €11.95

Slow cooked Irish lamb with carrots and onions served with creamy mash and mixed vegetables




Kids menu

(Under 12’s Only)


Roast Sirloin of Beef                                                                                         €7.00

Roast Crown of turkey                                                                                     €7.00

Honey Roast Loin of Bacon                                                                             €7.00

Cocktail Sausages                                                                                                €6.00

Chicken Goujons                                                                                                   €6.00

Fresh Fillet of Cod in Batter                                                                         €6.00


 (All the above served with Chips or mixed veg and mash)

All kids’ meals come with cordial drink

Add a selection of ice-cream for €1.50


Dessert Menu

Homemade Berry Pavlova                                                       €4.95

Fresh strawberries raspberries and blueberries on a meringue nest with fresh cream and raspberry coulis

Homemade Bramley Apple Pie                                                €4.95

Served with fresh cream and crème anglaise

Warm Chocolate fudge cake                                                €4.95

Served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream

Selection of ice creams                                                         €3.50

Served with a crispy wafer, sugar strands and chocolate sauce

Homemade Jelly and vanilla ice cream                                    €3.50


Please notify your waiter if you have any allergies.